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A Fun, Sleek, Rewarding Virtual Airline Experience!

Heartland is a virtual airline based in Indianapolis (IND), offering point-to-point service across the United States. We were established to provide a realistic and in-depth fictional airline simulation, while also utilizing the best add-ons flight simulator has to offer.

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Every aspect of Heartland has been handcrafted, from our website, to each individual livery, to our ACARS client.


Our flight schedules are built to take full advantage of our fleet capabilites, while providing a diverse operational portfolio.


Heartland was founded to push boundaries. We're constantly adding and improving features that provide an authentic airline experience.

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Unlike many other virtual airlines, Heartland is a constantly evolving entity, providing our pilots with not just a virtual flying experience, but a growing organizational ecosystem as well. Our fleet, destinations, and operational portfolio are all based around financial models which take several real-world factors into account, such as fuel cost, passenger demand, commercial aircraft markets, and much more.

To take full advantage of these features, we utilize only the highest fidelity flight simulation add-ons, such as the FlightSimLabs A32X series. Our ultimate goal is to provide pilots with a system that carefully balances fun and professionalism. If that sort of concept appeals to you, we'd love to invite you to explore the rest of our website!

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